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Our reputation

continues to grow.

Falconbridge has a dedicated owner who handles all phases of a project, giving the client the facility to deal with one person from day one, to the end of the project. This person is committed to answer all your questions and at the same time create a true friendship that will not end when the project does, resulting in customer referral and being the main source of our upcoming project.

As a construction company, we are here to show you the best of the best, providing hundreds of customers with quality work. Our company begins to grow, as our reputation does too. Our job is to wake up every morning and make sure that by the end of the day, we have advanced in our project. Here at Falconbridge Construction, we only perform quality and reliable work for our customers. Making your home look like it belongs in a magazine. We put time and effort into our jobs and make sure we satisfy our customers by providing them with professional work.

Our company originally established in 2007 as a minor repair contractor. Then, in 2008 we started remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and complete interior rehabilitation. Jobs are performed by highly trained craftsmen to ensure the highest standard of our work. Earning the reputation among the time as a result of our quality jobs and our responsibility to complete each and every project within the frame of time agreed with the client. That's why we feel unique when compared to the competition.

Being that Falconbridge is a family founded and owned corporation, we strive for customer satisfaction by paying close attention to every individual project, as if it was for our own home, leaving the competition in the dust without pressure. That's just how we roll! 

"We perform just one job at a time. That's what makes us unique!"

- Pablo Almonte


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